Contact me using the contact form on the website. We will arrange a free introductory lesson where we can go through your wishes on learning music.

Yes! Playing music is incredible! Music creates content for life and is an excellent tool for self-expression. It’s fantastic to see our skills improve while playing our favourite songs, especially with other people. Practising increases perseverance and the ability to work for progress. Playing music develops emotional life, auditory and motor areas, language skills and attentiveness, particularly in children (linked article in Finnish).

Development is faster with the help of a teacher. I give feedback on the student’s playing and correct incorrect playing positions. I advise how the student should play difficult sections and how to make the tone better. I find songs that are suitable for the student’s level and wishes.

I aim to keep learning as safe as possible. Students should not attend teaching while symptomatic. We use masks and wash our hands before we begin.

We will start with the basics, which aren’t hard to learn. As skills gradually evolve, we move forward step by step, making no single aspect of playing seem impossible.

You need a good instrument, enthusiasm and perseverance to practice!

Pianists need a 61-keyboard synth, preferably a full-length electric piano or acoustic piano (88 keyboards). The sustain pedal is an integral part of the sound of the piano. Still, it is not mandatory in the early stages of playing.

Guitarists and bassists need an instrument that fits the size of the player. An electric guitar and bass need an amp and a cable, although you can start without them. A music stand makes it easier to read the playing material.

Set up the instrument at home in a way that it’s effortless to start playing. Remember a good playing position and take a break if your hands get tired!

Developing our playing requires regular practice. Even 15 minutes of practising a day will improve your playing. However, the purpose is not just to practice for the sake of practising, but to learn music that interests you. You should feel joy and accomplishment while playing.

With proper practice techniques, you can master even tricky sections. Play songs that you already know well and enjoy. If possible, play with other people as well.

The great thing about playing music is an adventure during which we are constantly discovering new things. Actively listen to music to find exciting songs that you would like to play and inform the teacher about your wishes.

No, you’re not! Attending lessons can begin when the student is mature enough to follow the teacher’s instructions. There is no upper age limit for playing.

For the youngest students, it’s a good idea for the parent to accompany the child to lessons, write down the teacher’s instructions and help the child practice at home.

The introductory lesson is free! The price of a lesson is 30 € / 30min or 40 € / 45min. For piano lessons starting after 4 pm, we play an electric piano. The prices of these lessons are reduced by 2 €. Prices include VAT 24%.

You can also take advantage of the Smartum, Eazybreak and ePassi cultural balance for your personal playing lessons.

I bill by e-mail after every 3 or 4 lessons.

The student must report cancellation or rescheduling of a lesson as soon as possible, but no later than 6 pm the day before (unless there is an acute illness). I charge 75% of the lesson fee for subsequent or unannounced absences because I can no longer arrange a new lesson to replace the cancellation.
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