Bassotunnit Kuopiossa

I teach piano, guitar, bass, and drums, always according to the level and wishes of the student. We can also play more than one instrument in the same lesson.

You are welcome to my lessons, regardless of background and skill level, without an entrance exam. Everyone willing to learn will learn to play.

The main goal of my lessons is to awaken and develop the student’s musicality. Ideally, the student is excited about music, and it enriches their life. I show examples of how to play and verbally create mental images to stimulate the student’s creativity.

We will get acquainted extensively with music to find new songs to listen to and play. I make transcriptions suitable for the student’s level of their favourite songs.

My music lessons develop

  • ways to bring music to life by original interpretation
  • versatility to play different styles (such as classical, film music, chart hits, rock and jazz)
  • playing with other people and accompanying singing
  • improvisation and music composition
  • technical skills, practice techniques and independent learning skills
  • sheet music reading, music perception and theoretical understanding
I organize inspiring band lessons among my students, which for many are the most fun part of playing.

I coach young talents for elementary school music class or conservatory entrance exams. We will practise instrument playing, singing, music theory and prepare with example exams.

You can also perform instrument exams at the conservatory through my lessons.