About me

Soittotunnit Kuopiossa

Hi! My name is Matti Ritvanen, and I am a music teacher and musician from Kuopio.

My main strength as a musician is versatility. Since primary school, I have played and sung in rock bands while studying classical piano under top teachers. As a musician, I have performed for 20 years on numerous events and environments.

I taught my first piano students when I was 16 years old. I graduated from Savonia University of Applied Sciences with a major in classical piano and a minor in guitar. I have been teaching piano, guitar and bass for ten years. For the last four years, I have taught piano at Lumit, Kuopio Senior High School of Arts. I teach music at Kuopio Steiner School. I have also taught at Kuopio Community College teaching group lessons for small children, band clubs and accompanying singers and violinists.

I’ve always liked composing music. My main genres are rock, chamber music as well as electronic music.